Customers happy to have selected an ACCEO Transaxion solution:


“With ACCEO OGC-PLUS, I am saving so much time and money. The system is easy enough to learn and I can even train my own employees. I love the fact that I can go back in the system and fix problems or errors. Also, the customer service is excellent and ACCEO OGC has always been very helpful.”

Tina Visser, Bookkeeping and customer service – Leo’s Building Supplies Ltd., Castle, AB

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“Not only was client billing much clearer for our customers, but it was also done more rapidly with an almost non-existent error factor! ACCEO Omni’s many modules can adapt to the evolution of my business, I can count on ACCEO Omni and not have to change my whole system! On top of providing for all of our needs, ACCEO Omni is extremely easy to learn and so easy to use!”

Josée Bastien, Centre de Rénovation Bastien – ACE, Oka, QC

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ACCEO Profitmaster

“After testing other software, we found ACCEO Profitmaster to be the best at point of sale and inventory management. If you want to know where your money is, this is the program to use! We find ACCEO Profitmaster has the ability to grow and be flexible with us. With five stores and a corporate head office, it is imperative that we be in contact with all the stores at anytime from anywhere and ACCEO Profitmaster allows us this luxury. As well, the ACCEO Profitmaster system supplies us with the tools we need to ensure our data is both reliable and secure. The system is very user friendly so there are very few errors and I have yet to find a true ’glitch’. ACCEO Profitmaster is excellent at being able to track all transactions and any error is fixable. Lastly, if we do need help, the Support Staff are very well trained and eager to help!”

Alta-Wide Builders Supplies – TIM-BR Mart, Sherwood Park, AB

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“With ACCEO Omni’s DataViews performance analysis module, I can quickly identify the less profitable products and hours of operation. As a result, I can plan promotions on targeted products for specific days, and increase business performance.”

Quincaillerie Saint-Augustin (1985) inc. – ACE, Mirabel, QC

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“Since I started using, I’ve been saving six to eight hours every pay period. And all the paper I’m saving – it’s fantastic. Another great advantage of is the employee message function. I put a document on our portal, I write a single e-mail, I select the addressees, and I’m done.”

Restaurant Cosmos Café, Québec, QC

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Radio Frequency

“With ACCEO Omni’s Radio Frequency module, receiving merchandise is 35 to 40% faster, a more-than-considerable time saver!”

RONA Mont-Laurier – RONA, Mont-Laurier, QC

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ACCEO Tender Retail

“I would like to thank ACCEO Tender Retail for your services in the integration and development of various payment integration projects for our clients. TR has facilitated the smooth transition of our retail clients using integrated payments with various processors and tenders with minimal impact on development and certification requirements. We are extremely pleased with the results achieved and the manner in which the projects are handled. I would strongly recommend Tender Retail for integrated payment system needs.”

Raymark Xpert Business

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