Give your clients a quick, effective, and secure payment experience

Offer your clients superior service at the point of sale with proven, reliable IT equipment.

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Barcode Scanner

Increase customer satisfaction with speedy and error-free transactions

  • Serve more clients in less time
  • Reduce lineup wait times at the cash
  • Instantly recall an invoice using the barcode

Cash Drawer

Protect your business’ cash with a secure cash drawer

  • Solid metal casing
  • Lock with different security levels
  • Durable bill clips


Process customer payments easily and securely

  • Credit cards
  • Interac
  • Chip cards
  • Gift cards
  • Major loyalty programs

Receipt Printer

Add your logo for a modern look

  • Easy format selection
  • Controlled reprint with or without price (gift receipt)
  • Complete customized messages

Invoice Printer

Ensure professional service by providing detailed invoices to your industry and business clients

  • Speedy printing
  • Clear and legible multiple copies
  • Small footprint


Benefit from the latest technology by using reliable monitors

  • Vast selection of durable flat screens
  • Several system connectivity options
  • Available in various sizes

Touch Screen Monitor

Process payments, returns, and reimbursements more quickly with touch screen monitors

  • Durable touch screen membrane
  • Significantly reduced training time
  • Increased effectiveness thanks to user-friendliness
  • Available in various sizes