Is your server now 5 years or older?

Is your server now 5 years or older? Unsure how old your server is? To help prevent potential issues, a good plan is to upgrade your server every four to five years.

From a cost perspective, upgrading every four years will cost you $4,000 per year on average. This is a low cost of operation within your business considering the demands you place on your server. Those demands are crucial to your daily sales, finance and customer service operations within your business.

Ensure solid performance from your system

With a server upgrade you will benefit from the following features:
  • Configuration to your specific requirements
  • Installation on site, any day during the week
  • Online backup service to protect your data
  • Performance for very fast reporting and lookup functionnality
  • Bigger hard drive
  • Onsite service contracts with our service provider
We are here to save you time and money with durable equipment and peripherals that are perfectly compatible with your solution. Contact us to learn more the benefits of upgrading and get clear budget prices so you can better prepare.