Stocktaking Methods

Format Cost Duration Registration
Available in private training $130 1 hr


  • Learn how to use the different types of physical count


  • Relevance of having a cost image
  • Best time to start stocktaking
  • Differences between cyclical, complete and targeted stocktaking
  • Comparing the different stocktaking recording methods:
    • Manual
    • Regular workstation
    • Radio-frequency (RF)
  • Stocktaking by a third party
  • Stocktaking verification, correction and completion

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When you register, you will be emailed a link giving you access to the visual presentation and a telephone number enabling you to listen to the instructor. The only prerequisites are: basic knowledge of the solution, high-speed Internet access, and a telephone line.

Please note the training times for OGC are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) from the second Sunday of March and Eastern Standard Time (EST) from the first Sunday of November.