The dashboard module: to see the whole picture

Do you want to access your data more conveniently and simplify your decision-making?

The dashboard module lets you quickly view the most important key performance indicators.

The interface has recently been completely overhauled and is now more user-friendly than ever before. Achieve more in less time thanks to this powerful tool’s improved ergonomics:

  • Simple and intuitive graphs and dashboards
  • Single, synthesized view equivalent to multiple reports
  • Essential ratios and performance indicators
  • Instant tracking of your objectives to enable speedy action
  • Multiple detailed comparative statements for different periods by store, department, client or against your budget
  • Trends to adjust your strategies
  • Identification of progressing and decreasing points
  • Data mining for detailed analysis
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With the dashboard module:

Analyze your sales

  • Target your objectives and monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs) easily
  • Obtain a quick overview of your operations and compare your data against information for the same period the previous year or against your budget
  • Spot trends in your inventory easily with the dashboard module
  • View your data in coloured tables, graphs, and charts to quickly focus on the essentials
  • Select any period for analysis (year, quarter, week, day) and compare with a previous period
  • Choose any store, category, or client group and mine your data in detail to clarify specific situations
  • Export data to Excel or any other tool for additional analysis with a single click
  • Create flags to save certain kinds of views
  • Exclude certain data as necessary

Optimize your inventory management

  • View stock evaluation, cost, margins, and quantities for each product instantly
  • Obtain a quick overview of inventory turnover ratio and gross profit ratio
  • Do away with inventory shortages and overages with detailed information provided by the dashboard module
  • Create ABC analysis scenarios and analyze graphs to optimize your inventory
  • Analyze product categories with higher percentages or with stock showing negative inventory
  • Assess the state of inventory and the value of products over- or under-stocked to maximize your inventory
  • Reduce idle inventory through regular monitoring of the value of unsold products over a specific period
  • Apply filters to display product location, category, and type

Please note this option is not compatible with all the solutions presented on this site.