The on-screen takeoff software: to simplify blueprint measurements

Would you like to simplify measurements on blueprints and produce estimates faster?

The on-screen takeoff software Plan Expert is a tool that allows estimators in building centres to measure blueprints (PDFs, images or scans) directly on their computer screen and to produce accurate quotations in record time.

Your estimators are working with contractors with residential construction projects having PDF blueprints and they need to calculate lenghts, surfaces, dimensions and quantities? Plan Expert, an on-screen takeoff tool is the solution for your business!

The Plan Expert software is the perfect tool to:

  • Measure blueprints directly on the computer screen with a mouse
  • Simplify your estimators’ work thanks to layers, colors and the auto count tool
  • Convert the scale to metric or imperial in a single click
  • Reduce or eliminate blueprint printing
  • Benefit from a tool with simple and user-friendly interface
  • Save time, money and space

With Plan Expert:

Make measuring simple and efficient

  • Blueprints: effortless import of plans of all types (PDF, BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF and TIFF), one or several at a time
  • Layers: easy handling of objects thanks to superimposed layers that can be edited, copied, displayed or hidden as required
  • Auto count tool: each counted item is assigned a colour according to product category, helping electricians, plumbers and mechanical contractors get much more done in less time
  • Lengths: automatic addition of items by category
  • Custom shapes: creation of custom measuring tools that can be reused on a different page, blueprint, or in a different project
  • Properties: contextual display of each item’s properties: name, colour, quantity, surface, perimeter, deductions, etc.
  • Note tool: add notes for yourself or others: easily modified, moved, printed or removed

Benefit from advanced features

  • Contextual menu for each object, allowing for fast copy-pasting, modification or zooming in or out
  • Units of measurement: instant conversion to metric or imperial system
  • Interface: easy access to commands thanks to a user-friendly interface
  • Reports: production of detailed or summary reports, as required, all quickly sorted by blueprint or object

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