Radio Frequency: the power of your management software within reach

Would you like to be even more efficient in your store?

The Radio Frequency option is an essential tool for hardware stores, building centers, lumber yards and retailers. Get the most from your management solution with the many benefits and features included in the RF module.

Some of the benefits include:

  • See the quantity of any product in inventory or on shelves instantly
  • Create and replace worn labels directly from the aisles
  • Verify received orders at record speed
  • Enter products’ location numbers and information quickly
  • Access the sales statistics for the last twelve months
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Radio Frequency

With the Radio Frequency option:

Track products easily at all times

  • Verify and control multiples locations
  • Eliminate the use of paper documents
  • Get a wealth of information on products instantly

Have all the necessary information in the palm of your hand

  • Ensure displayed prices are always accurate
  • Inform customers of product availability or upcoming shipments
  • Answer customers’ questions from anywhere in the store

Perform fast and accurate cyclical counts

  • Speed up your targeted, cyclical and complete stocktaking processes to expedite updating your perpetual inventory
  • Do physical counts directly from the shelves using the integrated barcode scanner

Serve customers from anywhere in the store

  • Reduce lineups at the cash by preparing customers’ orders in advance
  • Create purchase orders directly from the aisles
  • Verify items already on order

Manage purchase orders efficiently

  • Order products instantly by scanning their shelf labels
  • Verify received orders at record speed
  • Scan products directly from pallets
  • Validate barcodes automatically

Please note this option is not compatible with all the solutions presented on this site.