ACCEO Profitmaster

ACCEO Profitmaster management software

ACCEO Profitmaster management solution

Designed for hardware stores and lumber yards

The selection of your business’ management solution is a crucial decision: software, equipment, support, and team all become key allies in the success of your daily activities.

The ACCEO Profitmaster management system provides you with everything you need to better manage your business and deliver unparalleled service to your customers:

  • A full-featured POS
  • A service counter
  • Centralized administrative management
  • Electronic data interchanged (EDI)
  • Inventory management mobile applications (On Apps)
  • And more!

Discover the Profitmaster X4 version

Customers happy to have selected the ACCEO Profitmaster management software:

“With ACCEO Profitmaster, we know exactly what products and services our customers want and need. Through transaction history analysis, we can easily track which products are selling, who’s buying them, and at what price. This helps us ensure that the products our customers request are on the shelves, when they need them. As a buying tool, ACCEO Profitmaster has exceeded our expectations time and time again.”

Executive Home Building Centre – Home Hardware, Red Deer, AB

the testimonial

“When I was looking into estimating software, ACCEO Profitmaster provided the answer. In setting up our store in 2001, the investment put into ACCEO Profitmaster paid for itself within the first year. It provides control over my operation, and makes gathering information easy and quick. ACCEO Profitmaster works! RACE gave me the opportunity to customize what I wanted within the system making changes effortless. ACCEO Profitmaster does it my way! Within six months we were selling right out of RACE. Now we can provide a customer with a garage quote in less than two minutes, and they will return within two weeks to place the order which has us way ahead of our competition.”

Fehr Building Materials, Peace River, AB

the testimonial

“The ACCEO Profitmaster automatic replenishment system is great. I have set up my P’s and Q’s to handle the seasonal buying that my business requires. Recommended transfers between stores ensure that I am optimizing my inventory. In the first month, I estimate that my overall inventory has been reduced by $50,000!”

JL's Home Hardware Building Centre, Guelph, ON

the testimonial

“The best investment I ever made was a boom truck. The second best investment was ACCEO Profitmaster. I would recommend this management solution to any other hardware or lumber store.”

Napanee Home Hardware Building Centre, Napanee, ON

the testimonial

“We delayed buying the ACCEO Profitmaster package for a number of years thinking we were managing okay without it. Know the software now, we regret not having bought it right away. It’s one of the best things we ever did for our business. We were amazed at the level of training we received onsite and by a very courteous and friendly ACCEO Profitmaster training team. We are continuing to enjoy wonderful support from both our sales representative and the 24-hour support team which, to us, is priceless!! Knowing exactly where we stand in our daily business activities is so much better than before. Our year-end preparations used to be such a stressful chore before ACCEO Profitmaster came along. That workload has now been cut in half, and no more stress.”

Rycroft Building Supplies – Castle, Rycroft, AB

the testimonial

“I have been very pleased with our association with ACCEO Profitmaster. Reports are quick and easy and detailed to our specs. Job costing gives us the accuracy we need for our installs program and a professional presentation for our customers. The support we receive is quick and reliable.”

Wiarton Home Building Centre – Home Hardware, Wiarton, ON

the testimonial

Founded in 1982, ACCEO Profitmaster has carved out a significant place for itself in the Canadian hardware store and lumber yard market. Its partnership approach to clients has made it stand out from other solutions and enabled it to establish strong alliances with the retailers it serves.

Acquired in 2008 by ACCEO Solutions, ACCEO Profitmaster has continued to adapt and develop the products it offers hardware stores and lumber yards. The first phase in the evolution of the ACCEO Profitmaster management software towards a graphical solution is already available and compatible with the ACCEO Transaxion graphical point of sale. The gradual development of each of the solution's modules will soon result in a fully graphical management software.

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