Sales Analytics Dashboard

Designed to leverage data to increase margins

Use this web-based app and instantly become proactive by taking immediate action on key business functions that need to be addressed. Get a jump on trending products and plan promotions at the store level or across the chain. Ease the purchasing decision-making process with immediate sales data to better forecast stock levels, product assortment, and pricing. Understand what sells best, at which locations, and never run out of a best-seller.


Review your store’s sales performance while on the road on any mobile ror desktop device and even select a specific day to analyze.


With real-time insight into inventory, you can quickly identify, track, analyze, and manage products throughout their lifecycle.

Performance Indicators

Instantly access the daily, hourly, and average sales or number of transactions by department, top selling items, and returns for the day.

Accessible Data

Query your database anywhere and obtain up-to-date store sales, export to excel, and identify and track best and worst styles, trends, and promotions.

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