ACCEO OGASYS: logiciel de gestion

Solution Overview

Hardware stores and renovation centers offer operational features that must be seriously managed by a solution that is totally adapted to your reality. Ogasys integrates all aspects of your business by offering management tools to manage your projects and improve your operational performance.

ACCEO Ogasys is a single business management platform with:

  • A flexible and robust financial structure that can be use with multi-companies and divisions
  • A focus on operational excellence with built-on KPIs
  • Integrate e-commerce functionality with a range of APIs that facilitate integrations with 3rd party solutions

From the moment the customer enters your store until he checks out, Ogasys simplifies tasks and operations so you can satisfy your customer and ensure increased profitability.

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What are the main features of Ogasys?

Ogasys is a flexible and robust software which facilitates the management of budgets, materials, resources, equipment, subcontractors, as well as budget projections.

  • Ogasys was designed to focus on specific industries, such as construction, distribution and retail
  • Ogasys has built-in real-time performance indicators to keep track of important metrics
  • Ogasys also integrates e-commerce functionality into its offering through a range of APIs that facilitate integrations with third-party solutions

What kind of server do I need to use Ogasys?

You can choose between a hosted version or purchasing your own system. We suggest that you contact one of our representatives to learn more about this subject.

Are there resources available to help me improve my business operations?

Yes, we offer various services such as:

  • System usage audit
  • Personalized training
  • Consultation for the implementation of industry best practices

How can I request a demo?

You can submit your request through our website at Simply fill in the request form and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly.