ACCEO OGC: Management Software Solution

ACCEO OGC management system

Built for hardware stores and garden centres

Today’s retailers must be more efficient than ever before, and their management solution is crucial to achieving this goal.

The ACCEO OGC management solution helps you manage your business more efficiently and offer leading-edge tools to provide better customer service:

Discover ACCEO OGC

Customers happy to have selected the OGC management software:

“With OGC, I can start a new day without having to close the previous one. This gives me more schedule flexibility and improves my quality of life.“

Arthur Boudreau et fils Ltd., TIM-BR-Mart, NB

“OGC lets me save a lot of time! I used to spend two to three hours every night balancing the cash registers and correcting mistakes. Not anymore! Ever since I started working with OGC, the process has been extremely fast!”

Centre du Jardin Vaudreuil-sur-le-Lac Inc. – Groupex, Vaudreuil, QC

“The various automatic features of the system help to avoid mistakes and save a lot of time. Plus, the adaptability of the system allows me to be confident because I know it will adjust to my future needs. OGC has at heart the success of my business and I feel like we are part of a team.”

Home Hardware Casselman Plywood, Casselman, ON

“We had been using our old system for more than 13 years, and the change to OGC-Plus was really helpful. OGC covers areas that our former supplier didn’t. We and our customers benefit from this investment.”

Pépinière Locas, Laval, QC

“Since wee started working with OGC, our inventory is much more accurate! The unlimited units of measure give us a much more precise inventory; we now have more control on our stock. OGC is using the latest technology and we can save a lot of time doing our daily tasks.”

Mack Foster Building Material Ltd. – RONA, Richmond, BC

“From the very beginning, we felt we had solid support from the OGC team; today, service is just as efficient and courteous. I wouldn’t change the OGC system for any other system on the market, and I’d recommend it without hesitation.”

Pierre Naud Inc. – BMR, Shawinigan, QC

“We have a very good business relationship with OGC. OGC’s experts have excellent knowledge of our industry. Reliability and excellent service are definitely among OGC’s strong suits.”

RONA Lespérance, Ste-Thérèse, QC

Established in 1982, OGC has carved out a place for itself in the Quebec and Canadian retail market for hardware stores, lumber yards, and garden centers. By providing an adaptable tool that can evolve at the same pace as its clients, the OGC management software has helped hundreds of merchants for more than 30 years.

The acquisition of OGC by ACCEO Solutions in March 2013 has breathed new energy into the formerly family-run company. As part of the ACCEO Solutions family, OGC has access to more resources, enabling it to invest further in product development and expand its offering.

OGC has begun an exciting new phase in its history by investing in the gradual upgrading of its solution, starting with the ACCEO Transaxion graphical point of sale, recently integrated to the solution.

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1 888 642-7587

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