The ACCEO Transaxion POS system: Ideal for money management

Designed for hardware stores, lumber yards and garden centres

The ACCEO Transaxion POS that can be integrated to our Premium solutions (ACCEO OGC, ACCEO Omni, and ACCCEO Profitmaster).

Ideal for retailers wanting to offer more efficient service to their customers. This software provides everything you need to carry out transactions quickly and effectively, give top-notch service, and improve your employees’ performance.

New: mobile app for tablets
The mobile app is a new tool that allows you to use many of the ACCEO Transaxion POS functionalities from an Android or Windows tablet. Get the freedom to serve clients directly in the aisles.

At a glance:


Thanks to its intuitiveness, the ACCEO Transaxion POS significantly reduces the time it takes to train both new and experienced users.

  • Graphical environment for a user-friendly experience
  • Hybrid input mode on touch screen or standard keyboard
  • Strategically positioned functions for enhanced ease of use and security
  • Single input and display area for simplified, faster learning
  • Functions dynamically adapt to each step in a transaction
  • Large display area for better and faster processing


Reducing waiting lines at the cash to let you provide your customers with fast service is the ACCEO Transaxion point of sale’s priority.

  • Offline mode for uninterrupted service
  • Minimal keyboard use for maximal performance
  • Possibility of using a virtual alphanumeric keyboard in text zones (touch screen)
  • Instant invoice recall with barcode scanning technology
  • Processing of multiple invoices for payable on delivery (COD) orders in a single step
  • Modification of shipping address
  • Ability to work in offline mode in the event of server disconnection
    – Automatic, seamless transition; no user intervention required
    – Fully automated data resynchronization
    – Visual indicator informing the user of operating mode (offline or server)
  • Dynamic operations for minimum keystrokes
  • Exceptional barcode scanning performance
  • Consolidation of products entered more than once
  • Management by exception for special functions
  • Quick and easy transaction processing
  • Creation of customer orders, including layaway
  • Possibility to send invoices directly from the POS with ActiveFax

Ideal for money management

By reducing cash overages and shortages, the ACCEO Transaxion POS saves you time and money. The direct integration of a payment solution into the point of sale prevents errors caused by concurrent input on another device.

  • Reading and closing of cash for easy cash balancing
  • Fully PCI-DSS integrated payment solution*
  • Fast processing of payments by debit and major or private label credit cards, as well as with Accord D and gift cards
  • Management of payment methods for control of receipts
  • Proven security
  • Enhanced protection of cash drawer with maximum amounts
  • Possibility of adding alerts to prompt cash deposits
  • Payment solution integrated into the point of sale system, avoiding the need for concurrent entry on another device
  • Receipts printed using a single printer
  • Easy reconciliation of amounts between ACCEO Transaxion and bank batch closures
  • Solution adapted for different buying groups and financial institutions
  • Major gift cards and loyalty programs supported, including Aeroplan, BMR’s 360 Card, etc.
  • Management by branch
  • Transaction-type and payment-method control options
  • Control options for giving change and refunds
  • Management of customer credit and open invoices
  • Management of gift certificates by serial number
  • Recall of related transactions for processing a sale
  • Management of order deposits and deposit receipts
  • Types of cash transaction include Paid In, Paid Out, and Deposits
  • PIN-based security
  • PIN per user (clerk) or per user group
  • Easy user-group configuration
  • Ability to protect menus, functions, and operations
  • Cash-float and cash-deposit management
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-read reports
  • Possibility to reprint cash reports
  • Intuitive graphical cash reconciliation
  • Option of adding memos to reports
  • Control of cash close by batch number

* The ACCEO Transaxion POS accepts integrated payment and is compatible with Tender Retail, Desjardins, Moneris, and CT-Payment.


The ACCEO Transaxion POS has multiple features designed to simplify your processes, enabling speedy customer checkout.

  • Sophisticated search tools, with multiple key words
  • Management of price-change and merchandise-return authorization
  • Advanced management of customer discounts, promotions, and global discounts
  • Advanced management of merchandise returns and control of returned quantities
  • Client creation, modification and management
  • Colour display for discounted and special-priced items
  • Control of price changes, discounts, and protected-price products
  • Graphical printing for a modern look
  • Simple selection of print formats
  • Controlled reprint with or without prices (gift receipt)
  • Complete and customizable messages for receipts and invoices
  • Possibility of printing customers’ electronic signature on receipts
  • Possibility of adding a customer display at the point of sale
  • Management of peripheral equipment (optical scanner, client display screen, cash drawer, microprinter, printer, and touch screen)

Available on a tablet

Offering a superior customer service anywhere in the store, the app avoids directing some of the clients to queues, allows order creation which can also be charged directly to regular accounts, and speeds up the processing of certain transactions at checkouts.

  • Easy order preparation reducing queues at checkouts
  • Freedom to serve clients directly in the aisles
  • Instant product search and quick inventory check
  • Simple app configuration
  • Easy and user-friendly navigation
  • And many other new features!

” The ACCEO Transaxion point of sale is built on leading-edge platform. We definitely got more bang for our buck with this upgrade: the point of sale and its functionalities truly complement our management solution. “

BMR Bergeron et Filles, Amos, QC

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