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Our management software systems are specially designed for retailers with more complex needs, own one or more stores, and usually have more than five workstations.

Our ACCEO OGC, ACCEO Omni, and ACCEO Profitmaster solutions help you manage your business more efficiently and offer leading-edge tools to provide better customer service.

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The following features are included in our three Premium management solutions:

Every new employee has to learn how to use the technology necessary to his/her position. A high turnover rate of cashiers increases your training expenses. The ACCEO Transaxion POS helps you considerably reduce these additional costs. The software’s streamlined interface makes it easy to understand and to use.

Its practical features allow users to learn instinctively how to operate it, saving you both time and money:

  • Secure mode for invoice reprinting
  • Identification of cash payment at beginning of transaction
  • Deletion of out-of-stock quantity entry
  • Customized user options
  • Deposit management when placing an order
  • And much more!
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Product Management

Managing large volumes of merchandise without the proper tools means extra hours spent number crunching. Our solutions optimize your productivity and your product-management activities, letting you concentrate on developing your business relationships and bringing in new clients.

Our features make it easier to create your various price lists:

  • Indicator of product seasonality
  • Unit conversion: adjustable parameters, multilingual descriptions
  • Price management by individual item, kit, or batch
  • Price-fluctuation reports, comparative analyses

Inventory Management

Incoming and outgoing merchandise is simultaneously processed by many employees at your store and its branches, and keeping track is challenging. Confusion about the status of your warehouses is counterproductive and can damage your business relationships.

Our Premium software standardizes your inventory network for easy inter-branch management. Its exclusive features give you a real-time, 360˚ view of all your warehouses:

  • Automatic adjustment of products available in inventory after an order or reservation
  • Advanced analysis of sales performances in relation to quantities on hand
  • Assessment of stock surpluses and dead stock
  • Custom option of manually adjusting inventory
  • Real-time reconciliation with General Ledger

Supply Management

Traditional management systems help prevent inventory shortages and surpluses using a minimum and maximum indicator. Although this function defends against major mishaps, it does not ensure ideal inventory control. Our Premium solutions provide you with high-tech analysis and forecast tools for optimized management.

Efficient supply planning is quick and easy thanks to user-friendly features:

  • Purchase order expiry reports
  • Custom supply process (by location, day, product code, supplier)
  • Automatic reordering based on minimum and maximum quantities for each product tracked in inventory

Merchandise Receipt Management

A lack of appropriate tools slows down the merchandise receipt process. Incoming products are often identified by comparing the delivery slips against the order history. With our Premium solutions, identification is automatic. Our software also recognizes special-order merchandise as soon as it arrives.

Transaxion Premium’s options save you inspection time and give you full control of your receipt operations:

  • Management of the receipt process by work session, option of later review
  • Exception report with reconciliation of quantities received and purchased
  • Multi-currency function integrated according to supplier
  • Recall and modification of unpaid receiving slips
  • Automatic allocation of out-of-stock items according to special orders

Supply-Chain Management

Delivery delays and planning errors make for dissatisfied customers. Your business needs to be properly organized to ensure top-quality services. Our Premium solutions provide a real-time overview of your supply chain, enabling you to better coordinate your activities.

Our powerful tracking tools let you follow each merchandise movement:

  • Management of carrier assignments
  • Planning of delivery locations
  • Consolidation of orders to prepare
  • System for identification of staff assigned to shipping process
  • Identification of dangerous goods (written notice, labels)

Divided management processes often produce out-of-date data and endless spreadsheets. This results in unreliable forecasts and reports, despite the many hours devoted to their preparation. ACCEO Transaxion Premium solutions provide access to centralized administrative management and fully integrate your accounting system into your operations.

Your business runs at peak performance level thanks to advanced features:


  • User access management
  • Calculator for manual General Ledger entries
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Report on proportion of expenses (%) allocated to different accounts

    Accounts Receivable:

  • Balance sheet based on account age
  • Account age report by vendor, region, status, or type
  • Report history by vendor, region, status, and type
  • Sales report
  • Archiving, recovery, and permission to suppress data

Accounts Payable:

  • Deferred payment schedule
  • Monthly purchase report
  • Supplier performance monitoring

Payroll Processing:

  • Electronic deposit of salaries
  • Graphical interface
  • Batch corrections
  • Government updates in three clicks
  • Direct access to “Clic Revenu”

Credit Management:

  • Credit limit overrun report (in dollars or as percentage)
  • Credit limit indicator by project
  • Confidential and secure note on credit status
  • History of credit checks, summary of record

Cash and Cash Equivalents

  • Cancellation of account charge during transaction
  • Planning, analysis of cash flow
  • Payment cancellation function
  • Adjustment of general journal accounting entries in the event of payment cancellation

A high volume of transactions, high-speed processing, and a growing flow of information can lead to the loss of important details. Our Premium solutions guarantee speedy and accurate information exchange. Their automated EDI platform improves your documents and reduces errors.

Specific features make for more flexible dialogue with your suppliers:

  • Information interchange configured by location
  • Customized price-change list (by site, group, product)
  • Automatic update function (addition of products, billing adjustment)
  • Data interchange and validation
  • Creation of special prices for promotions with text or Microsoft Excel files
  • Calculation of Cost+ based on the buying group’s cost
  • Assignment fo a buying group as the main supplier in the equivalencies