ACCEO OGC Training

The ACCEO OGC training sessions will allow you to master the different steps of physical count and stocktaking, bank reconciliation, system control and security, and closing of the books. They will also allow you to become more proficient with the system purge, information exchange, min/max management and automatic purchase orders, as well as the different features of special orders.

Course title  Cost  Duration  Next webinar 
Bank Reconciliation $155 1 hr
System Purge $155 1 hr
System Control and Security $155 1 hr
Beyond Special Orders $155 1 hr
Monthly Closing of the Books $155 1 hr
Information Exchange $155 1 hr
Stocktaking Methods $155 1 hr
Min/Max Management and Automatic Purchase Orders $155 1 hr

To see the detailed schedule, please download the OGC management solution 2016 training booklet.

To obtain customized training on the ACCEO OGC management software, please contact us.